Diversity Dialogues

National Theatre of the Oppressed Conference

This event has now concluded successfully.

Organising Team

Radha Ramaswamy


What I do: TO

What I dream about : to sit in a classroom, learn a language, learn to dance. 

How I feel :  deeply grateful to all the people who have made my life what

it is today


 Ramaswamy PS

From an obscure corner of God's Own Country to various corners of the globe, my journey bears testimony to the Freirean idea of empowerment through education. I aim high. I believe in myself.


 Ravi Ramaswamy

I love my work as a development professional, and get to do a lot of TO with school children and youth. I play percussion instruments, am a sports buff, a dreamer and a life long learner.


 Ravi Ramakantan

I am the CCDC EB. 62-years-old and curious like a child. That's why I follow TO. I also play with model trains, and on the basketball court, and with software. When I have time away from these, I practice my profession - Radiology. Incidentally, EB stands for Errand Boy!


 Asim Siddiqui

Asim is a philosophy student and teacher, who is currently pursuing his research in performing arts, looking at the role of body, experience and practice in learning.  He feels TO techniques have great relevance in education as it opens up possibilities for authentic learning 


 Karen D'mello

I love theatre! I currently work as a freelance actor and a drama facilitator in schools.  TO has a very special place in my heart and I've been engaging with it in different ways for some time now. 


 Maya Kilpadi

https://sites.google.com/a/ccdc.in/conference2014/Maya.jpgMaya is currently teaching herself how to make movies and how to keep her kitchen garden and her blog alive. She works as a content writer.


 Poorvi Sardar

I have always been passionate about theatre and stumbled upon TO when I decided to do my thesis on theatre. I am happy to be part of the committee for India's first ever national conference on TO! A lot to look forward to! I currently teach media studies in a college in Bangalore.


 Preeta Naveen

Preeta is a Holistic Wellness Therapist and a Transformation Facilitator. She works with children and adults, enabling them to realise their highest potential. She has been using TO with students of all ages and teachers at schools and universities.


 Saparna Jain

Saparna is a corporate trainer recently introduced to Theatre of the oppressed. She believes that T
O has tremendous potential to bring diverse people together and engage them in a dialogue.She is keen to facilitate such dialogues in communities as well as in organizations.


 Satendra Singh


A student by choice, doctor by profession. 

Rebel at work.



















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